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R.J. Myers Publishing & Consulting Co. (RJMPUB)

Our Services
We Can Assist Your Organization in the Following Ways: 

National Event Coordination  

RJMPUB can organize a national series of events around social issues. Most recent event was the 2017 Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities. While this event was handled pro bono, event services can be organized for a fee, for national organizations.

Individualized Decision-Sciences Coaching: Informed Opinion Coaching  

If you want to change your personal career or the strategy of your organization, we provide individualized decision-sciences coaching. This can assist you to outline your goals and objectives and make timely strategic decisions and approaches.

Individualized decision-sciences coaching can be arranged by telephone consultation. Call (202) 347-5566 or email rjmpub@earthlink.net for estimates.

Information Dissemination 

We use the following methods to help you get your message out to audiences:

  • Book Publishing, includes Ebooks and Audio Books
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media
  • Evaluations
  • Newsletters
  • Radio/TV/Cable
  • Social Networking/Webcasting/Internet
  • Project Management
  • Mobilizing resources to address your stakeholders capacity building needs through knowledge enhancing programs that combine multi-media formats:
  • Face to Face Workshops
  • Capacity Building Sessions
  • Webinars/Video-Conferencing
  • Individualized Technical Assessments
  • Research, Surveys, Needs Assessments
  • Focus Groups/Guided Interviews