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Biographies and Autobiographies
We publish memoirs written by authors about their own lives, their genealogy and contributions to American society! Everyone has a story that can benefit others with "lessons learned" and personal experiences. If you are considering writing your own story perhaps we can assist you. For more information contact rjmpub@earthlink.net

I Didn't Bargain for This!"


By Mitzi Perdue
Autobiography of a contemporary Rennaisance Woman--rice farmer, businesswoman, international traveler, health & fitness advocate, Mom, and wife of the late Frank Perdue, founder of the chicken farms of Maryland. Mrs. Perdue who raised two sons as a single-Mom shares her views about how to organize a workable "blended" family. As daughter of Ernie Henderson, founder Sheraton Hotels, Ms. Perdue shares her fathers attitudes about success. She also presents Frank Perdue's "Ethical Will" that he wrote for his children and grandchildren, as a gift to all. This optimistic, lighthearted and humorous book is a needed break from the problems of today.

**Book Review by NY Commentator Peachy Deegan!

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Tough Man, Tender Chicken


Mitzi Perdue

This honest, straightforward biography about Frank Perdue gives business advice that anyone can benefit from. Frank Perdue started off as a the son of a chicken farmer and went on to be one of America�s top businessmen. His wife, Mitzi Perdue gives her assessment about her caring, successful industrial husband.

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